It is Surgical Intervention of Fistula in ano. It is process where incision of the treat lying open followed by curettage of underlying tissues with the curatur. Here complete fistula treat is excises and patient is advices for daily dressing in form of gruze pacing.


  1. If the wand heals from the margin, there is a pus formation. It opens again enhance wand should be examined carefully an interval of 7 days.
  2. Very wide wand
  3. Faecal Contamination
  4. Recurrence of Fistula
  5. Persistent sinus a stricture

Advantage of Ksharsutra Therapy in Fistula

  1. Minimum Travma
  2. No need of spinal or general anasthesia
  3. No tissue loss
  4. No Incontinence
  5. Therapy Costisless
  6. Scor one narrow and fine
  7. Minimal Hospital Stay
  8. No Dressing requiremnet
  9. No chance of Incontinence
  10. No anal Stricture
  11. No Recurrence Rate

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