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Depending on your symptoms, your doctor may recommend a specific number of days for you to receive Panchkarma therapy.

Depending on your symptoms, your doctor may recommend a specific number of days for you to receive panchkarma therapy.

Since ancient times, Ayurvedic health experts have advocated therapies known as panchakarma for those suffering from chronic illnesses and general disorders of a physical or mental nature.

The name itself is derived from Sanskrit and translates literally into five actions or five processes. This therapy is based on five primary principles, which include: proper diet, exercise, cleansing practices, right medicinal support, and yoga.

For many people in India today (and throughout its history), panchakarma is considered nothing less than a cure-all; among many common ailments, it has been proven effective against are high blood pressure, arthritis, and acid reflux disease.

Panchkarma Therapy Benefits


The word Panchkarma is made up of two Sanskrit words. Panch means five and Karma means treatment. Hence, Panchkarma means a method or therapy that consists of five steps for total health rejuvenation.

In Hinduism, we have purification therapies like Pranayama and Yogic Asanas which make us breathe deeply or bend and stretch our body parts. The goal of these is to calm us down from stress so that we can connect with our inner self and God.

How Many Days Panchkarma Treatment


You will likely receive two or three full days of treatment as part of a bigger package that also includes other cleansing therapies, such as fasting and enemas.

You can stay at most Ayurvedic centers for panchkarma treatment; however, some doctors will send their patients home with additional medicines or exercises to complete at home before they are completely healed.

If you feel like you need more time than is included in your package, it is best to ask ahead of time so that you can schedule accordingly.

How is Panchkarma Treatment Done


Before undergoing panchkarma treatment, it is important that you follow a specific diet regimen. You should only eat warm, non-stimulating foods such as cooked rice and soup made with basmati rice and a dash of ghee.

While some proponents suggest limiting fluids during pre-treatment, others say that drinking plenty of water is helpful to cleanse toxins from tissues, blood, and organs.

As far as sleep goes, aim for at least nine hours a night in a quiet room free of technology and other sources of light or noise pollution. The very first thing you do when you arrive at your facility for your treatment takes an enema.

Does Panchkarma Really Work


According to yogic philosophy, our body houses five elements: air, water, fire, earth, and space. These are known as Pancha kosha or panch mahabhutas. When a person is healthy, all these elements stay in place but when a person is under stress or anxiety than one or more of these elements go out of balance and cause sickness or disease.

Ayurvedic treatment aims at correcting all these imbalances by removing various toxins from our bodies and bringing back balance in our doshas. Panchakarma is one such method that is believed to cure not only physical ailments but also helps in getting rid of mental tension by calming down your mind.

Can Panchkarma Be Done at Home


Although panchkarma is usually conducted at a center, it can be done in your own home as well. For that purpose, you need a few Ayurvedic supplies. You’ll also want a comfortable place where you can relax and take your time while you do your treatments.

To make sure that everything goes smoothly during panchkarma at home, get help from an experienced practitioner; s/he can provide guidance on what supplements and remedies you need to prepare, how much of each preparation to take, and so on.

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Is Panchkarma Safe

Panchakarma's detoxifying and rejuvenating effects are very gentle and beneficial. The body is given ample time to rest and recharge, bringing it back into balance so that it can heal itself. However, due to its detoxifying effects, people with severe illnesses are advised against practicing panchakarma. Also, pregnant women should stay away from it until they’ve given birth as panchakarma can be a bit too much for their bodies at that time. Apart from these exceptions, Panchkarma is extremely safe and has no known side effects when practiced under proper supervision by an expert in Ayurvedic medicine.

Is Panchkarma Painful

Many people believe that a cleanse is painful. The word panchkarma actually means purification of body and mind through different therapeutic measures, including detoxification or cleansing. In Sanskrit, Karman refers to any process that changes the physical state of an object. People often misperceive panchkarma as just a series of enemas and colonics—which it is not! While some treatments are uncomfortable and seemingly painful (e.g., steam therapies), many are not uncomfortable at all and can be done while you sleep (e.g., medicated oils). For example, one treatment involves medicated oils applied via massages; if you can tolerate being touched with oil on your body, you should feel no discomfort during these sessions.

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