Rectal Polyp

Any circumsunibed mass of fissure that arises from mucosa and prothesis into lumen of Rectum is known as Rectal polyp. A pendule cherry color line structure comes out after passing stool usually in children’s in first decade of life is called as rectal polyp. In more then 80% of cases they owns the tender age of 5-7 years and usually single in no.


Spherical, Pedunculated smooth, reddish brown, covered with mucous membranes.


Congenital, Neoplastic

Clinical Features

  1. Stress of blood on the stool, Sometimes bleeding is professed.
  2. Protrusion of mass during defecation
  3. Mucous Discharge
  4. Anemia due to recurrent Bleeding
  5. It is painless but painful if Infected

Investigations proctoscopy, Sigmoidscopy visual can seen after p.c enema and just after passing stools retracts back just after washing anus.


  • Day Care
  • Without anesthesia
  • Ksharsutra Ligation
  • Basti for 7 Days

Complete Recovery with 3 Months Regular Medication.

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