How Can Be Cured Fracture By Ayurveda

A fracture is a crack in a bone that causes it to break.

अङ्गों की शिथिलता, शोथ तथा पीड़ा की अत्यन्त वृद्धि, व्यथा की निरन्तर अधिक वृद्धि होती है, दबाने से शब्द होता है, स्पर्श असह्य होता है, स्पन्दन, सूई चुभाने के समान पीड़ा तथा शूल के समान व्यथा होती है और सोने, बैठ इत्यादि सम्पूर्ण अवस्थाओं में आराम नहीं मालूम होता है। ये सब भग्न के समान लक्षण हैं।।७।।

by Ayurveda

A fracture is a crack in a bone that causes it to break. A broken bone is called a fracture when it breaks completely through your skin (as opposed to breaking only beneath your skin). The most common types of fractures are caused by falls, car accidents and sporting injuries.

The most serious fractures are those that involve more than one part of your body, your neck or back, or cause nerve damage. As you might guess, it’s critical that you get immediate medical attention for fractures and try to prevent them from happening in the first place.

It’s also crucial that you pay attention to any pain or discomfort you have after an injury because some fractures may not show up on an X-ray until weeks after they happen.

  • A splinter Means Complete or Partial Break Down of Bone.
  • Significant Percentage of Bone Fracture Occur Because Of High Impact or Stress.
  • On Other Hand, A Fracture May Also Be The Result Of Some Medical Conditions Which Weaken The Bones
  • For Example Osteoporosis, Some Cancer Or Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Also Known As Brittle Bone Diseases).
  • When Fracture Caused By Medical Condition Is Called As A Pathological Fracture.

Causes of Fracture


  • Most splinter Are Caused By A Bad Fall Or Automobile Accident .Healthy Bones Are Extremely Powerful Impacts.
  • According To Age Factor, Weaker Bones And A Greater Risk Of Falling Increase The Risk Of Fracture.
  • In Children, Who Tend To Have More Physically Active Lifestyles Than Adults, Are More Prone To Fracture.
  • People With Underlying Illness And Conditions That May Weaken Their Bone Have A Risk Of Fracture, Or A Tumor, As This Is Called Pathological Fracture.
  • Stress Fractures, Which Result From Repeated Stress And Strain, Commonly Found Among Professional Sports People, are Called Common Cause Of Fracture .

  Symptoms Of Fracture


  • The Signs of Symptoms of a splinter Very According To Which Bone Is Affected, The Patients Age General Health As Well As The Severity Of The Injury
  • However, They Often Include Some of The Following:-
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Discolored Skin Around The Affected Area
  • Angulation- The Affected Area May Be Bent At An Unusual To Put Weight On The Injured Area.
  • The Patient Can Not Move The Affected Area.
  • The Affected Bone or Joint May Have A Grating Sensation.
  • If It Is an Open Fracture There May Be Bleeding

When A Large Bone Is Affected, Such  The Pelvis Or Femur :-


  • The Suffer May Look Pale and Clammy
  • There May Be Dizziness (Feeling Faint)
  • Feeling of Sickness and Nausea
  • If Possible Don’t Move A Person With A Broken Bone Until A Healthcare Professional Is Present And Can Asses To Situation And If Required, Apply A Splint. If The Patient Is In A Dangerous Place, Such As In The Middle Of Busy Road, One Sometimes Has To Act Before The Emergency Service Arrive.

Type of Fracture


There As Arrange Of splinter Types Including :-

  • Avulsion Fracture :- A Muscle Or Ligament Pulls On The Bone, Fracturing It.
  • Comminuted Fracture – The Bone Is Shattered Into Many Pieces.
  • Compression (Crush) Fracture – Generally Occurs In The Spongy Bone In The Spine. For Example The Bone Portion Of A Vertebrate In The Spine May Collapse Due To Osteoporosis.
  • Fracture Dislocation – A Joint Becomes Dislocated and One Of The Bones of The Joint Has Fracture.
  • Greenstick Fracture – The Bone Partly Fracture on One Side But This Is More Common Among Children
  • Whose Bones Are Shorter and More Elastic.
  • Hairline Fracture – A Partial Fracture of The Bone, Sometimes This Type of splinter Is Harder to Impact Detect With Routine.
  • Spiral Fracture – A Fracture Where At Least One Part of The Bone Has Been Twisted.
  • Stress Fracture – More Common Among Athletes A Bone Break Because Of Repeated Stress and Strains.
  • Torus (Buckle)Fracture – Bone Deforms But Does Not Crack More Common In Children. It Is Painful But Stable.
  • Transverse Fracture – A Straight Break Right Across A Bone.

Fracture Complications


Healing In The Wrong Position – This Is Known As A Malunion; Either The Fracture Heals In The Wrong Position Or It Shifts (The Fracture It Self Shifts).

  • Disruption Of Bone Growth – If A Childhood Bone splinter Affects The Growth Plate, There Is A Risk That The That Normal  Development Of That Bone May Be Affected , Raising The Risk Of  Subsequent Deformity.
  • Persistent Bone or Marrow Infection – If There Is Break In The Skin, As May Happen With A Compound Fracture, Bacteria Can Get In And Infect The Bone A Persistent Infection (Chronic Osteomyelitis).
  • Patient May Need To Be Hospitalized And Treated With Antibiotics . Sometimes, Surgical Drainage and Curettage Is Required.
  • Bone Death (Avascular Necrosis) – If The Bone Loses Its Essential Supply Of Blood It May Die.
  • Risk Factor – As Risk Factor, Age and Gender Are The Biggest Drivers Of Fractures.
  • Women Are Far More Likely To Have A Fracture Than Men. In Fact, On In Two Women Over The Age Of 50 Will Have A Fracture In Her Lifetime . There Is Because Women’s Bones Even At Their Best (Age25 -30) are Generally Smaller And Less Dense Than Men’s Bones. In Addition, Women Lose More Bone Density Than Men They Age Because Of The Loss Of Estrogen At Menopause . There Is More Research Being Done In Men And We Are Finding That 25% Of Men Over Age 50 Will Have A Fracture In Their Lifetime.

Other Factor


  • Smoking – Smoking Is A Risk Factor For Fracture Because Of Its Impact On Hormonal Levels. Women Who Smoke Generally To Through Menopause At An Earlier Age.
  • Alcohol – Drinking Alcohol In Excess Can Influence Bone Structure And Mass.
  • Steroids – Steroids (Corticosteroid) Are After Prescribed To Treat Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases And Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (OPD). Unfortunately, The Need To Use Them At Increased Doses Can Frequently Cause And Are Directly Related To The Ability of Steroids To Hinder The Formation Of Bone, Curtail Absorption Of Calcium.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – In This Debilitating Autoimmune Diseases – Which Strikes Two To Three Times More Women Than Men The Body Attacks Healthy All And Tissues Around The Joints, Resulting In Serve Joint And Bone Loss As Steroids Affect  The Body And Adding To The Comp Levity , The Pain And Poor Joint Function Reduce Activity Levels , Further Accelerating Bone Loss And Fracture Risk.



  • Malunion- Means Heals in Wrong Position, Either The Fracture Heals In The Wrong Position Or It Shifts (The Fracture Itself Shifts).
  • If The Childhood Bone Fracture Affects The Growth Plate, There Is A Risk That Normal Development Of That Bone May Be Affected Raising The Risk Of A Subsequent Deformity.
  • Persistent Bone or Marrow Infection If The There Is Break In The Spin, As May Happen With A Compound Fracture Bacteria Can Get In And Infect The Bone Or Bone Marrow, Which Can Became A Persistent Infection (Chronic Osteomyelitis).
  • Bone Death (Avascular Necrosis) – If The Bone Loses Its Essential Supply Of Blood It May Die.



Nutrition and Sunlight – The Human Body Needs Adequate Supplies Of Calcium For Healthy Bones. Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt And Dark Green Heavy Vegetables Are Good Source Of Calcium . Our Body Needs Vitamins D To Absorb Calcium Exposure To Sunlight, As Well As Eating Eggs And Oily Fish Are Good Ways Of Getting Vitamin D3. Physical Activity – The More Weight Baring Exercises You Do The Stronger And Denser Your Bones Will Be.

Menopause – Estrogen, Which Regulates A Women’s Calcium, Drops During Menopause Making Calcium Regulation Much More Difficult.

Diagnosis – On The Basis Of Physical Examination, Identify The Signs And Symptoms. On Taking History From Patient Or Their Friends, Relatives And Witnesses Asked About Circumstances That Caused It X – Ray , MRI, CT – Scan

Prognosis – Fracture Are Common Injury, But The Prognosis Depends Upon The Bone That Is Broken, The Location Of The Break, Whether Any Complications Exist And The Underlying Medical Condition Of The Individual . Most  Arm And Leg Fractures Heal Well And The Goal Is For The Person To Return To Their Baseline Level Of Activity.

Ayurvedic Treatment- Cold Pack Is Applied On Effected Parts : –


Punarnavadi Lepam – For Swelling … Punarnava,Devdaru,Sonth,Sehjan Ki Chall , Sarso, Sour Ras Mix And Apply And Tie.

  1. Tab. Laxadi Guggulu 2bd
  2. Tab. Abha Guggulu 2bd
  3. Tab. Ashtiposhak 1bd
  4.  Syp. Dashmool Kadha 10ml Bd
  5.  Oil Lakshadi (For L/A)

Other Treatment




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