What is Eye Diseases

An eye problem is any condition or disorder that affects the normal functioning of the structures of the eyes, including both the external and internal components. These disorders can cause a variety of symptoms, such as blurry vision, sensitivity to light, difficulty focusing, fatigue due to excessive strain on the eye muscles, double vision, and general discomfort.

Type of Eyes Diseases


Strabismus is an ocular misalignment condition that occurs when the visual axes between the two eyes are not parallel to one another, resulting in improper binocular vision.


Amblyopia, often known as "lazy eye", is a developmental disorder of the visual system that affects one or both eyes, and develops in early childhood. It results in reduced vision that cannot be corrected using Spectacles or contact lenses.


Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that can damage the nerves in your eye, leading to vision loss. It often results from abnormally high pressure within the eyeball, which can cause gradual and permanent damage to the optic nerve.


Cataracts refer to the formation of cloudy patches on the lens of the eye which obstruct the passage of light into the retina and cause decreased vision. Cataract is a common condition in adults over 65, however it can also develop due to trauma, radiation treatment or certain medications.

Refractive Errors

Refractive errors are optical imperfections that cause the light entering the eye to be improperly bent, resulting in vision problems. These errors are lenses which are too flat (myopia), too steep (hyperopia), or have an irregular curvature that also affects proper bending of light.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy is an eye problem caused by changes in the blood vessels of the retina. In patients with diabetes, high levels of blood glucose can damage the tiny vessels that form part of the microscopic network that provides nutrition to part of the eye known as the "retina."

Couses Of Eyes Diseases

Diabetic retinopathy

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Exercise For Eyes Diseases

Exercising the eyes has many benefits, including improved vision and less stress on the eye muscles. When performed regularly, eye exercises can help improve one’s ability to focus and reduce fatigue caused by prolonged exposure to screens.


Palming is an exercise beneficial for eye health that involves covering the eyes with the palms of the hands. The warmth and darkness provided by this simple practice helps to relax strained ocular muscles


Blinking exercises are proven to be beneficial for eye health and vision. This exercise helps maintain the surface of the eyes, reducing dryness, irritation and fatigue while increasing lubrication and providing protection from foreign particles.

Pencil Push-Ups

Pencil Push-Ups are a popular eye exercise designed to increase visual acuity and focus, promote better eye alignment, reduce eyestrain and create greater understanding of visual information.

Near And Far Focus

Near and Far Focus exercises help to improve the eye's ability to focus on both close and distant objects. It increases the contrast sensitivity of the eyes, making them better able to differentiate between colors and shapes near and far away.

Figure Eight

Figure Eight exercise is an eye movement exercise that can be beneficial for individuals experiencing strain, fatigue, and muscle imbalance in the eyes.

Brock String

The Brock string is a technique used in vision therapy to help correct strabismus, amblyopia, and vergence disorders. It is a visual-motor training technique.

Diat for Eyes Diseases

Sweet Potatoes
Beans and Legumes
Sunflower Seeds and Nuts.
Dark, Leafy Greens

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