How to Treat Piles with Ayurvedic Treatment?

Piles are commonest Disease that occur in every human being during once in there life time. Predominary Symptom.

Piles Treatment is a common disease which can be treated by Ayurvedic treatment. Piles Treatment are also known as Haemorrhoid or Hemroids. It is inflammation of veins in anus area. There are two types of piles-internal piles & external piles.

These are enlarged blood vessels in anus area which causes hemorrhoids or pain near anus during bowel movement. Internal Piles develops inside anus while external piles develop outside anus.

How Piles Happen?

Piles is a medical term used to describe several conditions characterized by rectal bleeding. The most common cause of piles is chronic constipation; heredity can also be a factor. Piles treatment methods may include surgery, anticoagulants or minor changes in lifestyle (such as making sure you’re not sedentary). If your piles are due to lack of fiber or other nutrients in your diet, consuming more fiber will help make bowel movements easier to pass.

Causes of Piles ?

The underlying cause of piles is poor blood circulation to your anus. This could be due to constipation or diarrhoea . If you have piles, you’ll need to change your lifestyle in order to relieve your symptoms. Diarrhoea makes them worse because it dehydrates the skin around your anus so that it is easily damaged.

Another factor that can make you more likely to get piles is obesity . If you have piles, losing weight will help reduce them by improving blood flow around your body. You can also do an exercise called a Kegel exercise. Which helps strengthen muscles in your pelvis and has been shown in studies to reduce urinary incontinence. The three-stage Kegel exercise involves tightening and relaxing different muscle groups around your pelvic floor while urinating.

Excessive straining when using bathroom could result in piles because of which veins in anus could swell. Piles could be developed due to some diseases like hemorrhoids. Some times piles might develop due to obesity also. Proper diet helps a lot in piles treatment as most cases are related to obesity that makes hemorrhoids bigger and harder. Losing weight will help you get rid of piles naturally. To speed up your body metabolism try doing more exercises along with eating healthy food items.

Symptom of Piles?

The most common symptom of piles is dull pain in your lower abdomen and rectum. Other symptoms include swelling or lump near your anus that may be painful to touch. It is possible to have bleeding from hemorrhoids without having any of these other symptoms. You may have bleeding from internal hemorrhoids as well; however, external hemorrhoids are more likely to bleed. Sometimes blood comes out with stool if you have internal hemorrhoids. Piles symptoms can be mild or severe; it depends on how bad things are for you. In rare cases, people who have internal piles will have a hard time going to bathroom due to extreme pain during defecation or because they cannot control bowel movements at all.

Can Piles Be Cured?

Piles are a common ailment that can be treated using conventional as well as home remedies. In some cases, surgeries or medications may also be required. The most common cause of piles is due to constipation.

While piles can occur at any age group, it is more commonly observed in adults above 50 years of age who suffer from constipation due to sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary habits such as consuming too much meat or smoking.

By following a few natural remedies for piles mentioned below you will find relief from your pain within a short period of time.

Are Piles Painful?

Piles can be excruciatingly painful. If you’re experiencing pain in your anus or lower rectum, see a doctor immediately. About one in three people have piles at some point in their lives and they are generally easy to treat without surgery. However, if piles go untreated for too long (say weeks or months), complications can develop like faecal incontinence (loss of control over bowel movements). To avoid these complications, seek medical attention as soon as you feel you may have piles.

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