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Ayurveda Panchkarma or Piles Treatment

Ayurveda can cure all your disease. Ayurveda a life science teach us the way to live with Disease free body, mind and soul to attain ultimate goal of jiva (human body), the moksha (Atma to reach to brahm atma).

About Sandhya Medicity

We are based on world oldest healing nector of vedas. We believe in Dharma, Artha, Kama and ultimate goal moksha. Ayurveda a life science teach us the way to live with Disease free body, mind and soul to attain ultimate goal of jiva (human body), the moksha (Atma to reach to brahm atma).

Ayurveda Acharya Dr. Vikas Gupta

Devoted lover of Vedic Science with firm belief to bring back the glory of Ayush with evidence based practice measure to ensure the a healthy world with longevity of human race. Visionary leadership of Dr Vikas Gupta brought change in to the viewing aspect of society towards Vedic science. Dr Vikas Gupta started following footsteps of Rishi of ancient times by acquire knowledge from various saints and started teaching Vedic Science Ayurveda to Ayurveda graduates from all over the India. 1 Jan 2015 Dr Vikas Gupta drop services of modern medicine and started a new journey of practice, teaching, spreading Vedic science Ayurveda to each and each door step of Indian society through a organization name Sandhya Medicity Healthcare. In 5 years of his journey. He treated more 1 lakh Indian family including M.P, MLA, Business Tycoon of India. He treated Italian Senate from Sardegna Italy.

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Ayurveda Panchkarma Treatment

Panchkarma Therapy


Shirodhara is one of the popular ayurvedic treatment therapies used mainly for any mental health issues faced by the patient.


Nasyam is the most important therapy as It is used for the treatment of suprasternal diseases (Urdhvajatrugata roga).

Kati Basti

Kati Basti is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment used for lower backache and disorders of lumbosacral region, including slip disc, lumbar spondylosis.


Raktamokshan is an effective treatment under Panchkarma explained in Ayurved which acts as a curative as well as preventive.


A controlled process that assembles all the ama or toxins of the body, concentrates them in the small intestine and eliminates them.

Piles Treatment By Ksharsutra

Parmanenet Piles Treatment, Bleeding Piles Treatment, Quick & Safe Piles Treatment

piles treatment by ksharsutra in delhi

Permanent Piles Treatment

Get Free From Hemorrhoids Parmanent Ayurveda Treatment by Ksharsutra Completly.
Fissure treatment in delhi

Fissure Treatment

Best Ksharustra Therapy can gives you free life from all Ano-Rectal Disease by Dr. Vikas Gupta Ji Treatment.
fistula ayurveda treatment by ksharsutra in delhi

Fistula Ayurveda Treatment

Painful condition affecting the rectum or anus, can prove to be a challenging health concern.

Painless Ksharsutra Treatment For Piles

Ayurvedic ksharsutra

Sandhya Raman Adhar Foundation

Ayurveda Courses

Ksharsutra Course

DAK (Diploma In Advance Ksharsutra)

This DIPLOMA IN ADVANCE KSHARSUTRA course is specially designed for those aspirants who want to learn Hand’s full skill of surgical intervention in Ano Rectal disease.


Certificate course in Ayurveda Reception

This course is best suited for those who want to learn the art of managing reception as per quality standards 1 year program, where we teach you about roles and responsibilities of reception, various policies that reception should adopt to improve your skills during managing the reception.


Certificate course Panchkarma Therapist

  1. This program is best suited for those who went to dedicate their life in serving humanity.
  2. Students interested in old knowledge and new tradition should join this course.
  3. 1 year program where we teach to about Panchkarma


Participation Certificate will Be Given
Date – 08 to 12 May 2023

Topic Covered:

Kshar Patna
Schelero Therapy
Cryo Surgery
Electro Therapy
Kshar Karna

Complete Practical Training-

Our Panchkarma Centers

sandhyashi Neuro Panchkarma

Sandhyashi Neuro Panchkarma

Best Ayurvedic & Panchkarma Treatment in Shalimar Bagh.

Sandhyashi Hospital

We treat like Piles, Fistula Etc.

sandhyashi Hospital

Sandhya Hot Spring Healthcare

All Panchkarma Treatment Available. 

Hiims Jodhpur

Best Kidney Disease & Ayurvedic Panchkarma Treatment Available with Resort Location.

Sandhya Ayurvedic Center Kanjhawala

All Panchkarma Treatment Available. 

Ayurveda Packages

We have Ayurveda Packages to treat your all diseases with different locations in Delhi & Abroad. 

Ayurveda Package Vedic Ayurveda Treatment & Wellness

One of the most important things is to pick a tour operator or trekking agency. We will help you.

वैदिक आयुर्वेद उपचार और स्वास्थ्य

Every issue that arises will be explained in detail. It’s time to start planning your adventures.

Now We have Also SBI Private Insurance Facility


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