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Sandhya Medicity is a based on world oldest healing nector of vedas. We believe in Dharma, Artha, Kama and ultimate goal moksha. Ayurveda a life science teach us the way to live with Disease free body, mind and soul to attain ultimate goal of jiva (human body), the moksha (Atma to reach to brahm atma).

Sandhya Medicity works on Ayurveda, Panchkarma, Ksharsutra, Hawan chikitsha, Yoga and Mantra Chikitsa based on vedic sciences. We learn from Acharyas and our guru’s to provide holistic health care services. One of its kind with modern upgradation to meet today’s requirement.

Team of Sandhya Medicity working with high spirit to provide society best solution for various aliments like Recurrent Fistula in Ano (High Rectal, Intersprinhtric, Irensspinctric, Suprespinctric, Supra levator and horse shoe shoped fistula). We have treated sucessful 10,000 sucessful cases of Fistula, Piles, Fissure.

Sandhya medicity offer holistic and vedic approach to aliments of spine (cervical and lumbar spondolyosis, disc prolapse, Disc herniation), Paralysis, Deviated Nasal Septom, Psoriasis.

Sandhya Medicity Gyane team Served thousand of India Family with expertise Infertility care treatment and given smile to childless couples.

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The aim of every healing system is to provide relief and treat diseases, but not all systems of healing is targeted at prevention of diseases and to provide overall well-being.

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Dr Yuvraj Kumar Tyagi
Dr O.P. Sharma
Dr Jugal Kishore Jhanwar
Dr Suraj Dabas
Dr Sapna
Dr Anu
Dr Diwaker Verma
Dr Varun Deol
Dr Kuldeep Sharma
Tarun Saini

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