Ano Rectal Abscess

it is due to anal glands infection. it stones at base of anal crypts, analsinus.

Various Types

  1. Peri Anal Abscess – It occurs due to infection of anal glands in peri anal region. It produces severe pain, which is throbbing in Nature. On Examination a soft, tender boggy swelling is found under analmucosa.
  2. Sub mucosal abscess – There is collection of pus under mucosa of anus. It is commonly occur due screo therapy in piles.
  3. Ischio Rectal Abscess – It is spread due anal abscess. It is secondary infection developed due to infection in anal abscess. It is termed as collection of pus in ischio rectal fossa.
  4. Pelvic Rectal Abscess – It is occur due to secondory infection of peri to nitis, appenditis and seph abortion. Associated with high grade fever with chills, lumbar pain.

Management of Fistula
Conservative Treatment

In Acute stage ICD and Kshar karma is best treatment, few doctors advice for antibiotic support, Analgestic and larative.

Oral Treatment in Ayurveda

Fistual kit
Fistula Cure Oil

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