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Ayurvedic Treatment For Heart Disease

Heart disease is a major public health concern. The most common form of heart disease is coronary heart disease, which occurs when the heart’s blood vessels become clogged with fatty deposits known as plaque. This affects the flow of oxygen-rich blood from the heart to vital organs, leading to such complications as chest pain (angina), stroke, and heart attack.

Most chronic illnesses do not fix themselves and are generally not cured completely. Some can be immediately life-threatening, such as heart disease and stroke. Others linger over time and need intensive management, such as diabetes. Most chronic illnesses persist throughout a person’s life, but are not always the cause of death, such as arthritis.

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Causes of Heart Diseases

For using the best Ayurvedic medicine for the heart, it is essential to know its causes. Some of the significant causes of heart disease include the following:

  • High Blood Pressure damages blood vessels, leading to heart disease.
  • High Cholesterol levels cause plaque buildup, restricting blood flow.
  • Smoking damages blood vessels increasing plaque buildup and heart disease risk.
  • Diabetes damages blood vessels and nerves, increasing heart disease risk.
  • Family History increases heart disease risk.
  • Obesity strains the heart, increasing heart disease risk.
  • Lack Of Physical Activity contributes to obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.
  • An Unhealthy Diet of fats, sugar, and salt increases heart disease risk.
  • Chronic Stress And Excessive Alcohol increase high blood pressure and heart disease risk.
  • Age And Gender (Men>Women) increase heart disease risk.

Heart Diseases Symptoms

It is essential to watch out for the symptoms of heart disease. These symptoms may be silent and not appear until someone suffers from heart failure, heart attack, or even arrhythmia. The significant signs of heart disease include the following:

  • Irregular heartbeat,
  • Uncomfortable feeling,
  • Heart failure,
  • Feet swelling,
  • Fatigue,
  • Shortness of breath,
  • Abdomen pain,
  • Ankle and leg swelling,
  • Pain in veins of the neck,
  • Heart Attack,
  • Extreme discomfort around the chest,
  • Upper back and neck pain,
  • Heartburn,
  • Nauseous or Vomiting,
  • Excessive diarrhoea,
  • Dizziness,
  • Indigestion

Ayurvedic Treatment for Heart Disease

For healthy living, Ayurveda places special emphasis on protecting the heart function. Not looking after your heart health can turn out to be distressing later in life. Hridya Avrodh is the name given to conditions that result in heart diseases. The main channel that is associated with the heart is Rasa Dhatu, which is one of the seven tissues of the body. Conditions like improper eating, emotional and mental trauma, weakened digestive fire pose a threat to heart health. The result is Ama or toxins build up in the heart, which is the prime reason for aggravation of Rasa Dhatu. As more and more Ama accumulates in the channels, you are more likely to get congestive heart failure.

Ayurveda focuses on managing stress to promote heart health and keep up with the functions of the other organs. There are herbs in Ayurveda that promise strengthening of the heart muscles. Along with this, the stress is on following a healthy diet and lifestyle measures.

At Sandhya Medicity , we have skilled ayurvedic practitioners to help you at every step. Rest assured, our ayurvedic practices for cardiac health are specific for every patient. We work on making the treatment effective for our patients by curating a customized diet chart for their health. All the procedures are strictly performed under the strict horizons of ayurvedic physicians and doctors.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Every person is unique, hence treatment for the person’s disease must be unique too. Sandhya Medicity doctors take
the ayurveda approach, which includes:

Personalized Treatment and Medicines

Completely personalized authentic Ayurvedic medicines based on thorough diagnosis of the root-cause

End-To-End Relief Tracking

Throughout your treatment journey, a team of health coaches stay connected with you to track your relief progress and help with your health queries.

Diet & Lifestyle Plans Customized Just for You

Customized remedy including diet, therapy and lifestyle planners designed by your doctor to compliment the medicines for holistic treatment of the root-cause

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