Nose Problem Relief by Ayurveda Treatment

Nose problems refer to any physical dysfunction of the nose structure. These ailments can range from chronic conditions like rhinitis, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis to acute awakenings such as sinus infections and nasal mucosal trauma caused by accidents or other external force.

Causes of Nose problems ‚Äč

Deviated septums

Cerebral spinal fluid leaks

Allergic rhinitis

Difficult infections

Chronic sinusitis without polyps

Chronic sinusitis without polyps

Type of Nose Problems

Runny nose and itching;
Allergies can cause sneezing,

Diat For Nose Problem

For people suffering from nasal problems, it is recommended to eat a diet rich in nutrients and consume less processed foods.
which are beneficial for those seeking relief from their symptoms. Finally, it is important to drink plenty of fluids (eight glasses per day) to help thin the mucus as well as flush toxins and allergens from the system. helps.

Whole grains

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Foods like lean proteins

zinc rich foods

Nasyam Treatment

Follow Nasyam treatment for nose problem, watch the video for more details.

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