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– Piles
– Fissure
– Fistula

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Why Sandhya Medicity To Cure Your Piles?


Team of qualified and experienced doctors.


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Highest Quality Standard as per NABH

Experienced Ayush Doctors with Highest Sucess Rate

Dr. Vikas Gupta

Senior Ano Rectal Surgeon
1. 13 Years Experience
2. 9000+ Surgeries Performs

Dr. Rajni Gupta

Senior Ano Rectal Surgeon
1. 13 Years Experience
2. 9000 Happy Clients

Treatments We Offer

We bring the most advanced graded Ksharsutra treatments with experienced specialist with lowest recurrence rate.

Here are about Ksharsutra, that will cure your piles.

It’s very unique and best way to cure your piles without laser and best recurrence rate. Here detail view about Ksharsutra¬†


Here video review about Piles treatment (Cured by Ksharsutra)

Frequently Asked Questions

Medication For Piles, Fissure, Fistula

Ksharsutra Surgery

Which doctor should (Consult for piles)?

You should consult specialised ano rectal surgeon.

Is Ksharsutra is safe?

Ksharsutra is oldest traditional measure with lowest recurrence rate since centuries.

Do Health Insurance Policies cover the Ayush Method of Treatment?

YES, from Nov 2019 IRDA and Govt of India already given gaze the Notification to all Insurance company to cover all Ayush treatment including piles.

How one can Develop piles?

- Straining in constipation
- Fast Food
- Chronic Constipation
- Disturbed Life style
- Age and pregnancy

Why Treatment of Piles Necessery?

As piles cause further constipation and weariness of digestive fire which (Eats overall weakness of whole body).

How much does piles treatment cost?

Treatment of piles very on severity of disease. charges on only plan once doctor consultation in done.

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