Itching Problem

Itching Problem

What is the Itching Problem ? Book Appointment Get Daily Updates Itching is a common problem that many people experience on a regular basis. It is an extremely uncomfortable sensation that can be caused by a variety of different factors. Understanding the causes and symptoms of itching can help you find relief from this frustrating …

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Ayurvedic Treatment of Mental Problem

Mental Problem

What are Mental Problems ? Book Appointment Get Daily Updates Mental problems, also referred to as mental health issues or mental disorders, are various conditions that affect the human brain and impact how people think, feel, and behave. These problems can lead to significant distress and impairments in one’s ability to function in their daily …

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utter-fibroid-problem Treatment

Utter Fibroid Problem

What is the Utter Fibroid Problem ? Book Appointment Get Daily Updates Uterine fibroids are quite common and affect up to 70% of women during their reproductive years (between the ages of 16 and 50). However, only a small percentage (less than 30%) of women experience symptoms, such as heavy menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain, pressure …

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Ayurvedic Treatment of Arthritis problem

Arthritis Problem

What is Arthritis ? Book Appointment Get Daily Updates Arthritis is a common condition which affects millions of people around the world. It is a disease of the joints and surrounding tissues that primarily causes inflammation and pain. The term ‘arthritis’ comes from the Greek word ‘arthron,’ which means joint, and ‘itis’ which means inflammation. …

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Ayurvedic Treatment of Skin Disease


What is Skin Problem ? Book Appointment Get Daily Updates Skin problems refer to a wide range of conditions that affect the skin in different ways. Skin is a multi-layered organ that forms a physical barrier to protect the body from external elements such as bacteria, viruses, and other toxins. However, due to various factors …

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Ayurvedic Treatment of Cervical

Cervical Spondylosis

What is Cervical Spondylosis ? Book Appointment Get Daily Updates Cervical spondylosis is a condition that results from wear and tear of the joints and discs in the neck over time. It is a common problem among older adults, though it can occur in younger people as well. Cervical spondylosis is caused by the gradual …

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Ayurvedic treatment of Infertility Problems

Infertility Problems

What are Infertility Problems ? Book Appointment Get Daily Updates Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive a child after a year or more of unprotected sexual intercourse. It affects approximately 15% of couples worldwide, and is a growing issue due to factors such as lifestyle changes, delayed pregnancy, and rising obesity rates. There …

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Blood Purification

What is Blood Purification? Book Appointment Get Daily Updates Kidney dialysis is a life-saving procedure that helps to keep patients alive in cases of acute or long-term renal failure. It works by removing waste and excess fluid from the bloodstream by passing blood through a filter, replacing essential minerals, cleaning accumulated toxins from the blood, …

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Ayurvedic Treatment of weekness

Weakness Problem,

Weakness means lack of energy to do any task because of physical weakness. Due to various reasons there can be weakness in body. Some of them are being discussed below: – Colds, coughs and influenza affect many people each year. Also, seasonal changes such as cold weather or exposure to dry indoor heat can make …

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What is Intestine?

What is Intestine ? Book Appointment Get Daily Updates The Intestine, commonly known as the small or large intestine, is a extremely important organ of the human body, located within the digestive system. The term ‘intestine’ is derived from the Latin words ‘intus’ and meaning ‘within’ and ‘tenere’ meaning ‘to hold’. A healthy intestines possess …

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