Itching​ problem

If you have itching problems in your nose, use 10 grams of black pepper. Grind it and make a fine powder of it. Add one spoon of gram flour to it and then add water in it and then give a massage to your nose with that mixture for around half an hour.

You can also chew two or three pieces of garlic after drinking that mixture every day. This will help you to get rid of itching problems in your nose easily without any side effects.

Nose itching problem has various symptoms. Itching around your nose may be caused by allergies or a cold, or by an infection like pinkeye. Dryness and cracked skin on your nose can also make you itchy, or you might have itching in response to irritants that find their way into your nasal passages like cigarette smoke or chemical fumes.

You might even experience dryness-induced itching when flying in a pressurized cabin because low humidity can cause irritation.

Itching is one of common problem most of people suffer from. Skin itching can be caused by dandruff and other skin conditions like allergic reactions, eczema and sometimes psoriasis.

Here are few simple home remedies to get rid of itchy skin. In Ayurvedic medicine itching is considered as a sign of poor blood circulation; cold hands and feet, pale face are some of the signs.

Hence some anti-inflammatory ingredients should be added in your daily routine to cure itchy skin problem. Drink lot of water throughout day to keep yourself hydrated, apply oil massage on regular basis helps blood circulation, try to avoid smoking as it depletes blood oxygen level leading to dryness or itchiness.

Ayurvedic treatment to avoid blood purification​ (Raktavasti) or itching process in nose problems. To achieve relief from itching, avoid scratching and applying a warm compress helps. Along with above methods, use of herbal medicines provides long-term relief and cure for nose itching problem.

Consult doctor before beginning any ayurvedic treatment and have complete knowledge about what you are going to start. All these processes involved only natural method and always works in positive manner.

Never try artificial drugs for cure because it has no benefits other than giving side effects for curing purpose, But on other hand natural medicines acts like a shield to protect from diseases by treating root cause of body system internally which provides complete cure without any external reaction on skin area.

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