Tab. Atisar

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Tinospora Cordiflia Stem-30 Mg
Solanum Nigrum Full Plant-30 Mg
Triphala Fruits -10 Mg
Embelia Ribes Fruits- 10 Mg
Andrograths Paniculata Full Plant- 50 Mg
Phyllanthus Niruri Full Plant- 50 Mg
Eclipta Alba (Hassk) Full Plant – 20 Mg
Boerhaabia Diffusa Roots- 30 Mg
Cassia occidentalis Full Plant – 20 Mg,
Acacia Arabica Resin (As binding agent)



Giloy (kand),
Mekoi (Panchang)
Triphala (Fruits)
Vaibedang (Fruits)
Kalmegh (Panchang)
Bhumi Amla (Panchang)
Bhringraj (Panchang)
Punarnava (Mool)
Kasondi (Panchang)
Keekar (Guim)


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