Prolapse of Rectum

Protrusion of a mucus membrane, wall of rectum outside the anal verge in known as prolapse of rectum. This condition is common in children and old persons.


  1. Portial prolapse
  2. Complete prolopse

Portial Prolapse

The prolapse in which protrusion is less then scm outside the anal verge is known as partial, mucosal Prolapsed


It develops due to undeveloped sacral curvatune


  • Inehildren due to whooping cough
  • straining during diarrheas
  • Fat in Ishok Rectal fossa
  • Female due to delivery trauma.


In Children this condition is temporary cures in once child is fully develop is push prolapse inside anus with lubrications Kshar karma.

Complete Prolapse:

It is defines as protrusion of rectum more than scm | Rectal wall outside the anal verge. Mostly seen in females associated with uterus prolapse.


Age advances muscles become weese due to degeneration resulting in prolapse of rectum


Habitude Constipation
Mostly prolapse associates with blood mucus discharge.


  • Retopexsy,
  • Thierscis wimay,
  • Kshar karma

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