Ksharsutra Treatment


It is Surgical Intervention of Fistula in ano. It is process where incision of the treat lying open followed by curettage of underlying tissues with the curatur. Here complete fistula treat is excises and patient is advices for daily dressing in form of gruze pacing. Complications If the wand heals from the margin, there is …

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ksharsutra treatment

Ano Rectal Abscess

it is due to anal glands infection. it stones at base of anal crypts, analsinus. Various Types Peri Anal Abscess – It occurs due to infection of anal glands in peri anal region. It produces severe pain, which is throbbing in Nature. On Examination a soft, tender boggy swelling is found under analmucosa. Sub mucosal …

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Acute Inflammation of Rectal Mucusa often with Inflammation of colon and anal canal. Types Acute Chronic, Non Specific Specific Causes Basically dysenty Ambic parotitis Gonococcal Lymphogranuloma inquinate Tuberculosis Schistosoma Haematobium Trouma by Exema Clinical Features Pain Tenesmus Mucus Discharge Blood Frequent Urge to pass Motion Tenderness Investigation Proctoscopy Sigmoidscopy Stool culture Biopsy Treatment Antibiotics Siz …

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Rectal Polyp

Any circumsunibed mass of fissure that arises from mucosa and prothesis into lumen of Rectum is known as Rectal polyp. A pendule cherry color line structure comes out after passing stool usually in children’s in first decade of life is called as rectal polyp. In more then 80% of cases they owns the tender age …

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Prolapse of Rectum

Protrusion of a mucus membrane, wall of rectum outside the anal verge in known as prolapse of rectum. This condition is common in children and old persons. Types: Portial prolapse Complete prolopse Portial Prolapse The prolapse in which protrusion is less then scm outside the anal verge is known as partial, mucosal Prolapsed Aetiology It …

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ksharsutra, Ksharpatana,

Ksharsutra / Kshar Patan – Best Treatment For Piles

Ksharsutra Is 5000 years old therapy. Where certain certified medicine used on a thread to make it a chemical blade to cut off the any unwanted growth or tract along with simultaneously healing of wound Ksharsutra therapy is been approved by W.H.O, I.C.M.R, AIIMS and other reputed surgical authority with 98% success rate, specially in …

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