Weakness Problem,

Weakness means lack of energy to do any task because of physical weakness. Due to various reasons there can be weakness in body. Some of them are being discussed below: – Colds, coughs and influenza affect many people each year.

Also, seasonal changes such as cold weather or exposure to dry indoor heat can make you feel tired and weak even if you don’t have an illness. – Chronic problems such as heart disease, diabetes or anemia can leave you feeling tired because your blood isn’t able to carry oxygen efficiently to your cells.​

In Ayurvedic Medical Science, blood weakness is known as pitta-vata (blood and air) imbalance. This condition is characterized by irregular heartbeat, dizziness and palpitation.

The patient with blood weakness will also have problems with high-carbohydrate foods such as pastries, pizzas and ice cream. Another common symptom of a vata imbalance is excess consumption of cold beverages such as iced tea or iced coffee; these beverages put a great strain on vata dosha which has to warm them up before they can be digested.

Blood Purification​ and body movement or action problem Cures: Blood Cleansing Techniques and Diet ​A Weakness​ problem is a disease in which patient always feel weakness.

It can be caused by Blood Purification​ issues, Body movement problems, Senses (touch and seeing) issues, Breathing Problems. Causes of Blood Purification​ issues can be excess of toxins or insufficient water, Fiber and proteins intake.

It is treated with blood purification treatment therapies like bloodletting, Sweating therapy, Paunch Baths etc. & Diet Therapy are given to control digestion process for weight loss Weight Loss Exercises: a weakness problem may also be due to body system diseases like pneumonia or malaria causing patient weak body strength.

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