Carpel Turmel Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Carpel Turmel Syndrome

Carpel Turmel Syndrome occurs when the median nerve of the arm becomes compressed, often due to inflammation from repetitive stress and/or injuries to the wrist and elbow area.

The compression results in swelling, which causes pressure on the nerve, resulting in pain and other sensory symptoms in the hand and fingers, such as tingling or numbness. These symptoms usually occur at night and can interrupt sleep, leading to fatigue throughout the day.

In carpel Turmel syndrome , inflammation of joints increase compress the nerve of hand and finger which develop rheumatoid arthritis. Infections – if there is infection in your body , rheumatoid arthritis develops more likely Rheumatoid nodules – these firm bumps of tissue most commonly from around pressure points such as elbows .

However  these nodules can from anywhere in the body, including the heart and lungs.

  • Heart problems – rheumatoid arthritis can increase  your risk of inflammation of these of heart that encloses your heart . it also hardness and block arteries.
  • Lung disease – those people who have rheumatoid arthritis have more increased risk of inflammation and scarring of lung tissues , which can lead to progressive shortness of breath.
  • Abnormal body composition – people with heavy weight or fatty people whose BMI (body mass index) is distributed are more prone to rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Lymphoma – a group of blood cancers that develop in the lymph system increases the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

Causes of Carpel Turmel Syndrome

Although many of us do our best to stay away from wrist injuries, it can be difficult not to put a little bit of strain on our wrists when we type or text.

This is especially true when we’re in poor physical shape. Once you have been diagnosed with Carpel Turmel Syndrome, your doctor will likely recommend rest and physical therapy as part of your treatment plan.

There are also home remedies that you can use in conjunction with these treatments as well. To help treat your condition at home without having to take medication every day or going through expensive exercises with a physical therapist,

you should do things like massage your wrists with ice or heat, get regular massages from a licensed massage therapist or simply try doing regular stretches for your hands.

Symptoms of Carpel Turmel Syndrome

A person with Carpel Turmel Syndrome experiences pain in both hands and fingers. Numbness, burning sensation or weakness may also occur. Pain usually occurs in wrist (an area extending from end of palm to elbow), although it can be anywhere between hands/forearms to fingers/wrists.

Individuals suffering from Carpel Turmel Syndrome complain of difficulty with gripping objects such as glasses or opening jars due to weakness in hand muscles.

Tingling sensation may occur while moving limbs in an upwards direction that subsides when limb is brought down (for example, scratching head). Patients suffering from Carpel Turmel Syndrome often develop swelling on the pinky side of their palm.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Carpel Turmel Syndrome

Carpel Turmel syndrome is commonly known as carpal tunnel syndrome . In Ayurvedic text it is called : Kali-dhatu Vataja (Root cause of disorders due to Vata dosha).

Ayurvedic language arthritis or joint disorders are also referred as Vataja disease. There are three main Doshas in human body according to ayurvedic Sanskrit texts; they are kapha dosha, pitta dosha and vatha dosha.

Kapha is related to water element in human body , pitta relates to fire element and vatha elements consists of space/ether(kala) related properties in ayurvedic system.

Differential diagnosis

Psoriatic arthritis – always seronegative

  • Primary nodal osteoarthritis
  • Other  connective tissues disease- sle
  • Polyarticular gout
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Medical conditions presenting without osteopathy thyroid disease
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Spondylodiskitis

Diagnosis– in early stage , rheumatoid arthritis  can not be diagnosed because al the symptoms mimic with other diagnostic tools helps to find proper diagnose .

Physical examination – swelling , redness warmth and reflexes and muscles strength of joints to diagnose.

Rheumatoid arthritis factor (Ra factor)

  • ESR (erythrocycle sedimentation rate)
  • CRP ( c – reactive protein )
  • MRI also may help

Ayurveda treatment

  • Tab. Agnitundi Vati 2bd
  • Tab. Triodashang guggul 2bd
  • Tab. Punranvadi guggulu 2bd
  • Tab. Yograj guggulu 2bd
  • Ajmodadi ch.+ Avipatikar ch. 3gm bd
  • Syp. Dashmool kadha 10ml bd
Other Treatment

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