Ksharsutra / Kshar Patan – Best Treatment For Piles


Ksharsutra Is 5000 years old therapy. Where certain certified medicine used on a thread to make it a chemical blade to cut off the any unwanted growth or tract along with simultaneously healing of wound Ksharsutra therapy is been approved by W.H.O, I.C.M.R, AIIMS and other reputed surgical authority with 98% success rate, specially in case of non-healing high rectal fistula.

Benefits of Ksharsutra:

  • Day care procedure
  • No need of spinal anesthesia or general anesthesia, as maximum of cases can be performed under local anesthesia
  • No need of long dressing
  • Rare chances of blood loss
  • Can be performed on cases of cad, dm, htn

Importance of ksharsutra:

  • Changes the morphology of cells from no healing to healing without use of any antibiotics
  • No loss of muscle pad during fistula in ANO Ksharsutra ligation

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Outcome of Ksharsutra:

  • No chance or minimal chance of recurrence less than 2 percent
  • No stenosis
  • No post-operative stricture
  • No post-operative sepsis

Graded ksharsutra is advance technology where nano particles of herbs are used to prepare ksharsutra.


  • Piles of 2nd,3rd,4th degree piles
  • Fissure in ANO
  • Fistula in ANO
  • High spinchtric fistula in ANO
  • Supra spinchtric fistula in ANO
  • Transpinchtric fistula in ANO
  • Interspinctric fistula in ANO
  • Complex scrotal fistula
  • Vesicovaginal fistula
  • Horse shoe shaped fistula
  • Wound abscess
  • Pilondal sinus
  • Anal warts
  • Carcinoma of anal canal
Diet and lifestyle guidelines and corrections were suggested to the patient and the patient was expected to follow these guidelines for at least one year.

Few Review about Ksharsutra Treatment

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