Nail Pariksha

Nail Pariksha

Nail Examination (Nail Pariksha) is one among the vedic diagnostic tool which is far most colibrate diagnosis method which will guide you right path to confirm your diagnosis. Nail is an update of Ashti, It is formed during formation of asthi dhatu so examination of nail guide you to following disease easily:

  1. Lung Issues – Bluish Purple
  2. Heart issues – White Nails, Clubbed Nails
  3. metabolic Condition – Horizontal Lines
  4. Inflammation – Large Moons
  5. Parasite – Red Puffy
  6. Auto Immune Disorder – White Sports Pitting of Nails
  7. Digestive issues – Absence of Moons
  8. Gi Tract Issues – White Spots
  9. Liver Issues – Yellow tip Nails
  10. Skin Disease – Pitting of Nails

In this way we can reach to our diagnosis in correct form and once correct diagnosis is made we can treat the patient better.

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